Origin of Teràpia Estructural

The Teràpia Estructural was born in the early 1980s by Jaume Puig i Estany (1930-2012). Who, moved by the need to find solutions that official medicine did not give to the physical problems of one of his children and the migraines of his wife, started to visit several healers. The first one was Mr. Joan (who we know only by the first name).

Some time later, he met the one who would really make a difference in his life, the Empordà healer (Girona) Marcel·lí Roca i Giró (1923-2005). As he had announced, using only his hands and over a period of a month, he was able to cure the migraines that his wife had been dragging for years.

This fact awakened his interest in this method, which in such a simple way had solved the problem. Marcel·lí would accept him as an apprentice. With his characteristic good intention and simplicity, he transmitted the principles and knowledge that he had. This task was not easy, as in the case of most healers of this area, there was no specific method or training to transmit. Most of them had what is known as a superior gift or inspiration, which is confirmed by the fact these healers used to have deep faith in God.

In a short time, Jaume Puig started working on his new project and was shaping it. At that time it still had no name, but very good results and a growing number of customers.

It was in 1989 when his son, Jordi Puig, began to learn the new technique. Jordi was the one who, in 2016, named it Teràpia Estructural. In 2017 he expanded the protocol, complementing physical with emotional work.

After years of development, the first training began in 2017, with the intention of making a simple, economical and effective tool available to everyone. Remembering so much knowledge that is lost in the origin of time and that in countless ways, but with always the same background, which accompanied us beginning of humanity around the World.

Description of Teràpia Estructural

When we suffer from fatigue, low mood or physical complaints such as sciatica, lower back pain (lumbago), kidney pain, back pain, neck pain, headache, migraine, dizziness, vertigo or fibromyalgia, usually a misalignment of the spine can be found.

The nerves throughout the body are connected to the brain through the spinal cord. If there is a vertebral deviation -scoliosis, kyphosis or lordosis- the nervous system doesn't work properly anymore and that can lead to discomfort or disorders in any part of the body.

The Teràpia Estructural I (Structural Therapy 1) favors the balance of the body structure by helping the nervous system to work properly without interference.

On the other hand, inherited blockages, family patterns, phobias, tendencies, unprocessed grief, trauma... whether we are aware of it or not, over the years they become a very heavy burden that ends up blocking us both physically and emotionally..

Teràpia Estructural II (Structural Therapy 2), which works from the subconscious, releases emotional blockages so that the person can develop and express their full potential.

This non-invasive method is compatible with any psychological, medical or pharmacological treatment.

More information: info@terapiaestructural.com