Module 1 of Teràpia Estructural in HELSINKI - May 6 and 7

  • Finland

REPEAT TE MODULE 1: If you like to repeat the training, please contact the trainer. Places are limited.

IT IS FOR YOU: If you want to improve you and your environment's wellbeing, either to apply it to yourself, to your family and friends or to dedicate yourself professionally.

OBJECTIVE: You will acquire the necessary techniques and a working protocol to be able to release most physical complaints. You will learn how to relieve specific pain, balance the skeleton and realign the vertebrae energetically. Both in person and remotely.

REQUIREMENTS: No previous training is required for this module.

CERTIFICATION: After the training you will receive by email a certificate of attendance numbered and signed by Jordi Puig, co-creator of Teràpia Estructural. This certificate is essential for the completion of Module 2 of Teràpia Estructural.

Training given by Gemma Vila
Training given by Gemma Vila

MATERIALS WE OFFER: Dossier (for theory and practice) and necessary material.

WHAT TO BRING: Writing materials and comfortable clothes. We recommend that you wear leggings or shorts so that you can see which points on your legs we are working on. As we will be working on the back, it is important that women wear bras that are easy to unbutton.


SCHEDULE: Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am to 01:00 pm and from 03:00 pm to 06:00 pm


* Disclaimer: The date and schedule is subject to change. If we are forced to cancel the training or to change the date, due to circumstances beyond our control, you have the option to do it on another date or recover the full amount.


⇒ Click on the button COMPLETE YOUR REGISTRATION and fill the form. When you finish, you will see the option to make the deposit of 52,50 € with a bank card. 

⇒ One week before the training you will receive a confirmation email. If you need more information, please contact the trainer.

⇒ The remaining amount should be paid in cash on the first day of the training.


IMPORTANT: If the minimum number of students has not been reached a week before the start of the training, you have the option to realise the training on another date or to recover the full amount.